LaborLegno has grown out of the ambition and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Sergio Iannucci. A deep love of wood has been part of Sergio’s life since his childhood in Tivoli, when he was already getting his hands dirty building and carving his first pieces, making mistakes and discoveries, stopping short and starting over, burning with frustration and enthusiasm.

In 1987 came the turning point: Iannunci founded LaborLegno, which got its start supplying carefully crafted items to other companies, then evolved toward its own line of products, bearing its own logo, the double L that still marks its collections.

Today, company activities are divided into two directions: on the one hand, contract work, and on the other, the LaborLegno line of bath furnishings. Its highly experienced, specialized workers use cutting-edge machinery, paying particular attention to the choice of materials, the specific varieties of wood, and the mechanisms and accessories mounted inside.