The trademark of the Spanish factory Virtus 1945 offers a wide range of furniture, interior items and gifts made of bronze (watches, candelabra, consoles, mirrors, figures of people, birds, animals, etc.). These products belong to different styles: Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Empire and are copies of antique objects that adorned the interiors of the palaces of France, England, Spain and Portugal in the 17-19 centuries.

The souvenir production process is based on the ancient traditions of Portuguese sand casting masters. It is long and laborious. The main stages of production are manual.

In the figures of people and animals, there are special openings for air circulation, which protects the product from the appearance of spots associated with oxidation. Despite the complexity of production, the factory seeks to minimize prices, which ensures accessibility to a wide range of customers.

VIRTUS factory products are sold in 23 countries: England, France, USA, Japan, etc. and is a leader in the production of bronze products in the world market. Having survived centuries, time-tested, the collection of bronze products of the Spanish factory VIRTUS turned into a classic, reaching our days.