CP Parquet

For over thirty years CP Parquet is the architect of precious natural high-end wood floors. With the best essences creates extraordinary beauty and quality parquet, embellished with hand furniture and fine treatments. If nature could speak it would recommend these natural wood floors. Because they are made with wood species from forests of cultured-vation, where for every tree felled another is planted, in order to ensure balance and natural regrowth. These flooring are good for people and the environment: only use non-toxic glues, paints and water and natural oils with very low VOC emissions, harmful volatile substances. All the processing is done proudly in Italy with an absolute control of the entire production process and the maximum enhancement of refined finishes still performed by hand by skilled craftsmen. An incredible variety of species, size, colors, details and laying systems allows to make every project unique, turning desires into a real wood floor to measure.