Our company has been a leader in the luxury segment of home decorations for 10 years. The history begins with luxury Neoclass store, in which the leading European brands of sanitary ware were presented. Today, Neoclass continues its work in the Collezione Italia showroom, where all the favorite collections are presented, as well as a completely new range.

Exceptional in its scope and concept of the exhibition space Collezione Italia, where an area of ​​more than 35 thousand square meters represented collections of legendary European furniture brands and designer interior items. There are furniture and kitchens, plumbing, decoration materials, wallpapers, parquet, doors, windows, curtains, lighting and a rich collection of dishes and accessories for the house.

Collezione Italia has the best Italian and European brands, many of them are exclusively represented in Azerbaijan. In the expositions almost all styles and trends of furniture fashion are presented – from classics and art deco to the most modern high-tech solutions in high-tech. The innovative approach of Collezione Italia goes beyond the standard view of the furniture salon.

One of the main tasks of Collezione Italia is the development of a sense of style among the residents of Baku and Azerbaijan. Therefore, there will be given a place for projects and events in the field of art, painting, fashion. For designers and architects, the Collezione Italia is not only a place for sophisticated luxury, but also an endless material for creative searching for an individual and unique style in the interior.